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Our friendly farmers are backed by over 25 years of experience

CBD has been used around the world with potential benefits to a variety of medical conditions, such as chronic pain, anxiety and inflammation. Zorrillo Cannabis Company based in Lafayette, LA uses CBD to create personalized treatment plans that suit the needs of our clients. Whether you're not having luck with your current medication or you want to try something more natural, our online CBD store might be able to provide you with the relief you need.

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What we sell

Here at Zorrillo Cannabis Company, we offer all kinds of natural CBD products. We invite you to browse our:

  • CBD Topicals - choose from Bath Bombs, Freeze Rollers and Salves
  • CBD Edibles - check out our Gummies and CBD Isolate
  • CBD Flower - see if CBD Kief or BoAx CBD can help you
  • CBD Oils - find out if pure CBD or CBG oil is right for you


You'll never know what product works best until you try. Shop our wide variety of CBD products of edibles, flower or oils in Lafayette, LA.


Become an expert CBD farmer

Zorrillo Cannabis Company follows a "farmer first" motto. We're dedicated to helping new and experienced farmers grow high-quality cannabis so we, as a farming community, can provide our clients with safe and effective CBD products.

We offer:

  • Licensing assistance
  • Wholesale pricing to farmers
  • Indoor and outdoor growing guidance
  • Room rentals at our processing center

Rely on us to show you the ropes on growing cannabis so you can create an amazing business. Contact us now to get started.